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Online dating safety advice

Online dating is generally no more risky than meeting someone anywhere else for the first time. We have put together the following guidelines to help you stay safe online and to make your online dating experience more enjoyable.

Meeting new people through internet dating is one of the most popular and successful ways to meet potential partners. A good dating website such as Cupids Arrow will respect your privacy and do everything possible to make your online dating experience as safe and enjoyable as they can. Basic safety precautions that every dating website should follow include:

  • Never publishing your personal details
  • Provide an easy way for members to report potential scammers or suspect activity
  • Routinely monitor site activity and members photos
  • Perform regular security checks to ensure members data is secure

Online dating safety basics

Members profiles and photos

Be open and honest in your profile. You have a far greater chance of having a successful date if the person you are meeting doesn’t have any unexpected surprises or disappointments. The same applies to your profile photo. Do not be tempted to post a photo which is not yours or one taken a long time ago.


Flirting and having fun are all part of online dating but avoid taking this too far. Never agree to something you are not comfortable with or encourage another member with promises that are not in your nature. Never give out your personal details such as address, telephone number or full name. We recommend also not disclosing social networking profiles as these can be used to gain personal information.

Over time, once you are comfortable with someone and wish to take it further then you can consider giving a phone number to communicate in person. A more private way of communication at first is Skype, this allows you to communicate without giving out your personal phone number. You can choose to block a person on Skype if you decide you no longer wish to communicate with that person.

Abusive members and scammers

There will always be un-desirable people out there who are not honest or have hidden agendas. You should always be aware of these people without letting fear ruin your own online dating experience. Liars generally make mistakes. Look for inconsistent stories or details which sound too good to be true. Never agree to lend money or assist in any financial transaction. If you have doubts about any member you are advised to contact our helpful support team.

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